Volume & Issue: Volume 22, Issue 1 - Serial Number 85, September 2019 
The Effect of Melatonin on Mitochondrial Function and Autophagy in In Vitro Matured Oocytes of Aged Mice

Pages 9-16


Zahraa Nasheed Hamad Almohammed; Fatemeh Moghani-Ghoroghi; Iraj Ragerdi-Kashani; Rouhollah Fathi; Leila Sadat Tahaei; Mohamad Naji; Parichehr Pasbakhsh

Indirect Tumor Inhibitory Effects of MicroRNA-124 through Targeting EZH2 in The Multiple Myeloma Cell Line

Pages 23-29


Javid Sabour Takanlu; Arad Aghaie Fard; Saeed Mohammdi; Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini Rad; Saeid Abroun

Long-Term Follow-up of Autologous Fibroblast Transplantation for Facial Contour Deformities, A Non-Randomized Phase IIa Clinical Trial

Pages 75-84


Amir Bajouri; Zahra Orouji; Ehsan Taghiabadi; Abdoreza Nazari; Atefeh Shahbazi; Nasrin Fallah; Parvaneh Mohammadi; Mohammad Rezvani; Zahra Jouyandeh; Fatemeh Vaezirad; Zahra Khalajasadi; Mahshid Ghasemi; Aslan Fanni; Sara Haji Hosseinali; Ahad Alizadeh; Hossein Baharvand; Saeed Shafieyan

Histone Modifications of H3K4me3, H3K9me3 and Lineage Gene Expressions in Chimeric Mouse Embryo

Pages 96-105


Maryam Salimi; Abolfazl Shirazi; Mohammad Mehdi Mehrazar; Mohammad Mehdi Naderi; Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar; Mirdavood Omrani; Seyed Mahmoud Hashemi

Alteration of Cytoskeleton Morphology and Gene Expression in Human Breast Cancer Cells under Simulated Microgravity

Pages 106-114


Florian Strube; Manfred Infanger; Markus Wehland; Xenia Delvinioti; Alexander Romswinkel; Carlo Dietz; Armin Kraus

Ethics, Legal, Social, Counseling Article

Investigation of Stem cells Technology in The Light of Jurisprudential Documents

Pages 121-127


Ahmad Pourebrahim; Iraj Goldouzian; Ahmad Ramezani