Guideline for Reviewers


Please consider the following items while reviewing:


  1. The manuscript must have novelty.
  2. The structure of the manuscript must be clear and well-organized.
  3. The text of the manuscript must be readable and understandable.
  4. The aims of the manuscript must be mentioned effectively.
  5. The abstract must briefly summarize the manuscript's main objectives, findings, and conclusion.
  6. The background of the manuscript must have sufficient information for readers.
  7. The design and methodology of the study must be appropriate and clearly described for replication.
  8. The statistical analysis of the data must be accurate.
  9. The accurate presentation of results is essential, and tables and figures should be used appropriately to achieve this.
  10. Please ensure that the ethics and data availability statements are complete.
  11. The discussion section must include appropriate comparisons, highlight similarities and differences between the studies, and cover all important aspects and issues in the field.
  12. If there are any limitations to the study, they must be mentioned.
  13. The conclusions drawn from the study must be trustworthy, meaningful, and based on the evidence obtained by the results.
  14. The references should be in recent publications within the last five years.