Volume & Issue: Volume 22, supplement 1, October 2020, Pages 1-168 

Review Article

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Meets Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Pages 1-10


Reza Kouchaki; Bahareh Abd-Nikfarjam; Amirhosein Maali; Saeid Abroun; Farshad Foroughi; Sasan Ghaffari; Mehdi Azad

Metformin Attenuates Brain Injury By Inhibiting Inflammation And Regulating Tight Junction Proteins In Septic Rats

Pages 29-37


Fatima Ismail Hassan; Tina Didari; Maryam Baeeri; Mahdi Gholami; Hamed Haghi-Aminjan; Madiha Khalid; Mona Navaei-Nigjeh; Mahban Rahimifard; Sara Solgi; Mohammad Abdollahi; Mojtaba Mojtahedzadeh

Age Associated Changes In Transcription Of Adiponectin, AdipoR1 And AdipoR2 Genes In Pancreas Of Rats

Pages 61-67


Marziyeh Feyzi; Mohammad Reza Tabandeh; Mehrdad Shariati; Mohammad Amin Edalatmanesh

Effect Of Maternal Age On Hippo Pathway Related Gene Expressions And Protein Localization Pattern In Human Embryos

Pages 74-80


Sahar Gharanfoli; Abdolhossein Shahverdi; Azam Dalman; Pooneh Ghaznavi; Hiva Alipour; Poopak Eftekhari-Yazdi

Α-Lipoic Acid Ameliorates The Changes In Prooxidant-Antioxidant Balance In Liver And Brain Tissues Of Propylthiouracil-Induced Hypothyroid Rats

Pages 117-124


Adile Merve Bak; Abdurrahman Fatih Aydın; Pervin Vural; Vakur Olgaç; Semra Doğru Abbasoğlu; Müjdat Uysal

Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase Knockdown Leads To Lipid Accumulation In HepG2 Cells Through The SIRT1-AMPK Pathway

Pages 125-132


Davod Ilbeigi; Mitra Nourbakhsh; Parvin Pasalar; Reza Meshkani; Hajar Shokri Afra; Ghodratollah Panahi; Mohammad Borji; Roya Sharif

IBD Patients Could Be Silent Carriers For Novel Coronavirus And Less Prone To Its Severe Adverse Events: True Or False?

Pages 151-154


Shaghayegh Baradaran Ghavami; Shabnam Shahrokh; Nikoo Hossein-Khannazer; Anastasia Shpichka; Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei; Peter Timashev; Massoud Vosough

Challenges Of Iranian Clinicians In Dealing With COVID-19: Taking Advantages Of The Experiences In Wenzhou

Pages 155-165


Yuping Li; Yaser Tahamtani; Mehdi Totonchi; Chengshui Chen; Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashemian; Fatemeh Amoozegar; Jin-San Zhang; Yousef Gholampour; Xiaokun Li

Letter to The Editor

Is COVID-19 To Blame?

Pages 166-168


Alireza Asgari