Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, April 2010, Pages 1-119 

Original Article

Characterization Of The Vacuolating Cytotoxin In Helicobacter Pylori Strains Isolated From Iran

Pages 1-6

M Douraghi; S Saberi Kashani; M.A. Sholrgozar; A Oghalaie; M Esmaili; M Bababeik; MH Shirazi; M A Mohagheghi; M Mohammadi

Co-Transplantation Of Schwann And Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Promotes Locomotor Recovery In The Rat Contusion Model Of Spinal Cord Injury

Pages 7-16

MT Joghataei; M Bakhtiari; B Pourheydar; M Mehdizadeh; A Faghihi; F Mehraein; B Behnam; V Pirhajati

Effect Of Solder Fumes On Liver Serum Markers And Hepatic Vascular Elements In Rats

Pages 33-38

MR Arab; R Mirzaei; F Sargolzaei Aval; AR Nakhaei; M Karimi; R. Mashhadi

Histopathological Effects of Single Dose Treatment of Diazinon on Testes Structure in Rat

Pages 39-42

S Gh A Jorsaraei; A Firoozjaee; Y Yousofnia Pasha; E Tahmasbpour Marzony; E Sarabi

Bulge Cells Of Rat Hair Follicles: Isolation, Cultivation, Morphological And Biological Features

Pages 51-58

M Nobakht; N Najafzadeh; M Safari; N Rahbar Roshandel; H Delaviz; MT Joghataie; M Bakhtiyari; S Asalgoo; F Safar

Intravenous Injection Of Human Umbilical Cord Matrix Stem Cell (Wharton Jelly Stem Cell) Provides Functional Recovery In A Rat Model Of Traumatic Brain Injury

Pages 87-96

M Marzban; M Bakhtiary; M Mehdizadeh; MT Joghataei; Samideh Khoei; V Pirhajati Mahabadi; SJ Hashemian; M Tondar; B Laribi; A Ebrahimi; B Abhari

Intranuclear Localization Of EGFP-Mouse PPARĪ³1 In Bovine Fibroblast Cells

Pages 97-104

S Ghasemi; K Ghaedi; MH Nasr -Esfahani; S Tanhaei; F Rabeei; Kh Karbalaii; H Baharvand; A Esmaeili

Expression of Heat Shock Protein (HSP A1A) and MnSOD Genes Following Vitrification of Mouse MII Oocytes with Cryotop Method

Pages 113-119

Z Khodabandeh Jahromi; F Amidi; SMH Nori Mugehe; A Sobhani; K Mehrannia; M Abbasi; M Habibi Roudkenar; A Habibi; M Ebrahimi