Comparison Between TheScientific And Koranic Explanationfor Human Creation



People have always been interested in knowing how they originated, and how they were born. Ancient people, filled with curiosity, developed many answers to these questions. All of what we know now about the development of the embryo within the uterus is based on the accumulated scientific knowledge achieved over the centuries and particularly due to advanced researches in resent years after the development of the modern technology. Scattered through out the Koran are many statements about embryology. The progress of embryology through the ages from the earliest records to the present and Enlightenment in this field in the holy Koran and Hadith are discussed. Read in the name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clot. (Al alaq 2-1) This is the first Aya in the Holy Koran and this is the first stage in human Creation. In the Holy Koran God gave, 14 centering ago a detailed description of human creation from clay, ending with death, then resurrection in many verses (Aya). Conclusion: The holy Koran was the first to exactly describe human development 14 centuries ago, long before the discipline of Embryology was even established. Only in the last century, modern science was able to prove in detail and with evidence what was reveled, in TRUTH, in the Holy Koran.