O-91:Hysteroscopic Metroplasty Ofthe Complete Uterine Septum,Duplicate Cervix, And VaginalSeptum



Objective: To determine if sectioning of cervical septum in hysteroscopic metroplasty of the complete uterine septum is associated with intra-operative bleeding, cervical incompetence, and secondary infertility. Design: Multicentric, randomized, controlled clinical trial. Setting: University hospitals. Patients: Twenty-eight women with the diagnosis of complete uterine septum who had history of pregnancy wastage or infertility. They were randomized into two groups; Group A; underwent metroplasty including section of the cervical septum.Group B: Underwent the same procedure with preservation of the cervical septum. Interventions: Hysteroscopic metroplasty performed for all patients in the two groups. Main outcome measures: Operating time, Distending media deficit, total distending media used, intra-operative bleeding, complications, and reproductive outcome. Results: Operating times were 36.40±10.67 minutes and 73±14.40 minutes in group A and group B respectively (p