Effect Of L-Ascorbic AcidSupplementation On TesticularOxidative Stress And EndocrineDisorders In Mature Male RatsExposed To Intensive SwimmingExercise



In order to investigate the ameliorative potential of L-ascorbic acid on intensive swimming exercise induced testicular oxidative stress, 18 Wistar male rats (age: 3 months, weighing: 127.5±5.3g) were randomly divided into: 1) control group (CG, n=6); 2) experimental group (EG, n=6); 3) supplemented group (SG, n=6). An exercise protocol of 3 hour swimming/day, 5 days/ week was followed for 6 weeks in EG and SG with no exercise in CG. In SG L-ascorbic acid was supplied orally at a dose of 25-mg/kgbody weight/day for 6 weeks. A significant diminution (p