Effects Of Different Doses OfHyaluronan On Human SpermMotility, Vitality And Morphology



Background: Important aspect of sperm function such as motility and capacitation appear to be mediated at least partially though hyaloronic acid (HA). The present study investigated effects of different doses of hyaluronan on sperm motility, vitality and morphology in human. Materials and Methods: Motility, vitality and morphology of raw semen was analyzed according to WHO criteria before and 4 hour after treatment with different doses of hyaluronan (0, 750, 1000 and 1250μg/ml). Results: The results of present study showed in the group treated with 1000 μg/ml hyaluronan compare to control group there was an increase in the percentage of stages 3 and 4 but a decrease in the number of stages 1 and 2. In the group treated with 1250 μg/ml stages 1 and 2 increased while stages 3 and 4 decreased. Vitality in all groups decreased except of the group treated with 1000 μg/ml hyaloronan. The group decreased. With 1250 μg/ml hyaloronan showed significantl Abstract of the 8th Royan International Twin Congress, Tehran, Iran, 5-7 September 2007 Yakhteh Medical Journal, Vol 9, Sup 1, Summer 2007 19 decrease in vitality compared to fresh group (p