Efficiency Of Sil-Select And Percoll To Recover Sperm With Normal Chromatin And Morphology And Effect Of These Parameters On Fertilization, Embryo Quality And Cleavage Score

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Introduction: To evaluate and compare efficiency of sil-select with Percoll to recover sperm with normal chromatin in morphology and also studyeffect of these parameters on fertilization, embryo quality and cleavagescore.
Materials and Methods: Assessment of semen parameters, protamine deficiency (CMA3) and excessive histone (aniline blue staining) were carried out before and after sperm processing on 46 semen samples from IVF patients referring to Isfahan fertility and infertility center.
Results: Both Sil-Select and percoll were efficient in elimination of sperms with chromatin and morphologic anomalies. Significant correlatis were obtained between sperm morphology (strict criteria), protamine deficiencyand excessive histone with in vitro fertilization rate. Among these parameters only sperm morphology showed a significant correlation with embryo quality and cleavage score.
Conclusion: Sil-select is a suitable alternative for Percoll to recover sperm with normal chromatin and morphology. Furthermore density gradient techniques are recommended for sperm processing for IVF and especially for ICSI.