The Effects Of Ovarian Hyperstimulation And Progesterone Injection On Morphology And Ultrastructure Of Ampullary Portion Of Mouse Fallopian Tube

Document Type : Original Article


Anatomy Dpartment, Tarbiyat Modares University of Medical Sciences Tehran, Iran


Introduction: The aim of this study was to determine the orphological and ultrastructural changes ofampullary portion of mouse fallopian tube after ovarian hyperstimulation and progesterone injection duringimplantation period.
Material and Methods: For this purpose 6-10 weeks old NMRI mice were hyperstimulated using hCGand hMG injections. In one group of hyperstimulated mice daily injection of progesterone was performed.Non-stimulated control groups and stimulated groups were pseudopregnanted artificially. Three to four daysafter hCG injection, the mice were sacrificed by cervical dislocation. The samples, which were obtained fromfallopin tube were processed for light (H&E and PAS stainning) and electron microscopic studies.
Results: There were no noticeable morphological and ultrastructural changes between the hyperstimulatedand control groups. It seems that the number of non-ciliated cells were increased on the fourth day ofpregnancy and or hCG injection. The cytoplasm of these cells were denser than the ciliated cells. Weak PASreaction was seen on the surface epithelium but this reaction was stronger in the lamina propria.
Conclusion: Hyperstimulation could not alter the morphology and ultrastructure of ampullary portion ofmouse epithelium during implantation periods.