Assessment Of Fertilization And Development Of NMRI Fetus Using Different Culture Media

Document Type : Original Article




Introduction: Determination of best culture medium for fertilization and development of NMRI mice.
Material and Methods: Development of fertilized mature oocytes of NMRI mice was studied for five days in several culture media (KSOM, T6, M16, CZB, G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3) following hormone therapy with PMSG and HCG.
Results: The rate of fertilization after 24 hours was 97.4% in KSOM, 83.5% in T6, 90.5% in M16, 100% in CZB and 90.9% in G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3. The differences between CZB and KSOM culture media in comparison to T6 and M16 and G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3 media were statistically significant (p<0.05). Blastocyte stage was seen in 96.3% of CZB group which was the highest in comparison to other culture media (p≤0.05). Blastocyte formation was 80.2% in T6, 82.1% in M16, 77.6% in KSOM and 87.5% in G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3 culture media. The highest Hatching blastocyst rate was seen in sequential medium (G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3) and KSOM culture medium (76.1% and 66.4%, respectively) while the lowest rate was 60.3% in M16 medium. The rate of embryo degeneration was lowest in sequential medium (G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3) (23.9%) in comparison to other groups and the difference was statistically significant regarding T6 group (51.6%) ( p<0.01).
Conclusion: This study reveals that CZB, KSOM and G1TM ver3 and G2TM ver3 are the best culture media for pre implantation embryo development of NMRI mice.The difference in development of mice embryos in different culture media can be due to difference in medium supplements (aminoacids) and concentration of culture medium components.