Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2001 

Histochemical Study Of Mucous Substance Of Gastric Epithelial Lesions

Pages 65-70

M.R. Arab; T. Altiraihi; Sh. Shariat Torbaghan

Original Article

Effect Of Cyclosporine A On The Ovarian Tissue In The Rat

Pages 71-76

M. Mahdizadeh; J. Raoof Sarshoori

Teratogenic Effects Of Diazepam Intake During Pregnancy Leading To Visual System Anomalies

Pages 77-82

N. Takzare; K. Yarmohammadi; A.R. Takzare; S.M. Rezayat; M. Akbari

Protective Effects Of L-Arginine (Precursor Of NO) OnIron-Induced Nephrotoxicity In Rats

Pages 103-107

A. Gol; M. Kadkhodaei; M. Keshavarz; S. Ariamanesh; N. Makki; S. Shams