Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, January 2009 
An Overview To The Structure And Function Of Nuclear Matrix

Pages 232-241

M. Shahhoseini; A. Rabbani Chadegani

Original Article

Immunohistochemical Analysis And Role Of Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein-4 In Polycystic Ovary-Induced Rat

Pages 242-249

F. Jannesari ladani; G. Hossein; N. Jarooghi; H. Sepehri; B. Zeinali

Selection Of The Most Appropriate Medium For Assessing Motility And DNA Uptake Of Bovine Spermatozoa

Pages 266-271

Sh. Eghbalsaied; K. Ghaedi; SM. Hosseini; S. Tanhaie; M. Forouzanfar; M. Hajian; NA. Mozafari; MH. Nasr Esfahani

Global Genome Methylation Status In Gastritis Lesion In Comparison With Normal Adjacent Tissue And Its Relationship With Clinicopathologic Findings

Pages 272-279

R. Najjar Sadeghi; H. Zojaji; SR. Mohebbi; M. Chiani; D. Mirsattari; MA. Pourhoseingholi; M. Molaei; R. Mashayekhi; F. Derakhshan; MR. Zali