Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 4, January 2010, Pages 348-472 
Liver Development And In Vitro Differentiation Of Embryonic Stem Cells To Hepatocytes

Pages 348-373

Behshad Pournasr; Zahra Farzaneh; Mansoureh Shahsanvani; Hossein Baharvand

Angiogenesis And The Models To Study Angiogenesis

Pages 374-381

Ali Mostafaie; Hamid Reza Mohammadi Motlagh; Kamran Mansouri

Original Article

The Effect Of Orally Administered L-Carnitine On Testis Tissue Sperm Parameters And Daily Sperm Production In Adult Mice

Pages 382-389

Zohre Zare; Hosein Eimani; Moslem Mohammadi; Mahmood Mofid; Hosein Dashtnavard

Gene Expression Profiling Of NCAM NCAM-L1 N-Cadherin-In Ninjurin-1 And Ninjurin-2 During The Course Of Differentiation Of Murine Neural Stem Cells

Pages 390-399

Mohammadreza Golbar; Fardin Fathi; Seyed Javad Mowla; Fariborz Soheili; Abbas Ahmadi; Esmaeil Izadpanah

In Vitro Expression Of BDNF GDNF NGF NT3 And NT4/5 Genes In Selegiline Induced Bone Marrow Stromal Cells

Pages 400-407

Maryam Haji Ghasem Kashani; Taghi Tiraihi; Mohammad Taghi Ghorbanian; Kataneh Abrari

Study Of Immunotherapy With Endogenous Opiod (Met-Enkephalin) Activated TILs In Fibrosarcoma Induced Balb/C Mice

Pages 408-417

Abbas Ali Amini; Jamshid Hajati; Mohammad Vodjgani; Zahra Gheflati; Afshin Namdar; Marziyeh Holakuei; Nematollah Khansari

Molecular Analysis Of HS-111 And 3`HS1 Variations In Β-Thalassemia Intermedia Patients With High Levels Of HbF

Pages 418-423

Mohammad Hamid; Morteza Karimipoor; Sirous Zeinali; Mohammad taghi Akbari; Leila Kokabi; Frouzandeh Mahjoubi

Effects Of Cortisol On Gill Chloride Cells In Persian Sturgeon Acipenser Persicus Fry

Pages 424-431

Zahra Khoshnood; Saber Khodabandeh; Saeedeh Mosafer; Reza Khoshnood

Immunolocalization Of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I And Its Immunoreactivity During Ovary Developmental Stages Of Persian Sturgeon Acipenser Persicus

Pages 432-441

Barzan Bahrami Kamangar; Bagher Mojazi Amiri; Mohammad Javad Rasaee; Behrouz Abtahi; Mahmoud Bahmani

Study Of Some Haematological Indices Of Diploid And Triploid Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus Mykiss

Pages 442-447

Salar Dorafshan; Mohammad Reza Kalbassi; Sahel Soltan Karimi; Khosrow Rahimi