O-73:Microscopic Surgery Of Fallopian Tube Using Laparoscope



One of the main causes of infertility is tubal factor. Post surgical adhesions, sexual transmitted diseases, PID, and post partum infection, may lead to tubal and peritubal factor infertility. Surgical approaches to these problems were not successful and after introduction of IVF in the field of reproductive medicine, trend of most infertility specialists is toward ART. In early 1980s, the introduction of microsurgery by laparatomy has created new hopes for these patients. With advances in operative laparoscopy during the 90s surgeons shifted from laparatomy to laparoscopy for patients who needed an operation in abdomen and pelvis. However, microsurgery by laparoscopy is a difficult task and there are not many surgeons in the world that could perform this technique. Since 2003, we have started using laparoscopic microsurgery to treat tubal and peritubal factor infertility. Different surgical techniques such as end to end anastomosis, corneul anastomosis, salpingoovolysis, salpingoneostomy and fimbrioplasty, has been done by laparoscopic microsurgery. Here indications, surgical techniques, and success rates will be discussed and some videos of our operations will be demonstrated.