The Effects Of Varicocele OnChromatin Condensation And DNAIntegrity Of Spermatozoa



Introduction: Varicocele is the most common causes of poor serum production and decreased serum quality.It is demonstrated that patients with varicocele possessed a higher DNA fragmentation index and sperms with nuclear anomalies than healthy fertile men. This may be correlated with an increase of reactive oxygen species in their semen samples. But the effect of varicocele on sperm chromatin condensation is poorly understood. So, the aim of this study is the evaluation of sperm chromatin integrity in these patients.
Materials and Methods: sixty men referring to andrology laboratory were categorized into 3 different groups. First a group of 20 infertile patients with varicocele, second a group of 20 infertile patients with abnormal semen parameters .finally a group of 20 fertile men who had normal spermatogram as control group. Semen analysis was performed according to WHO criteria. To evaluate sperm chromatin quality and DNA integrity,Aniline blue, Toluidine blue, Chromomycin A3 and finally Acridine orange stainings were done in all of groups.The slides were analyzed and to determine the percentage of mature or immature sperms, 200 spermatozoa were counted in each slide. The data were analyzed by SPSS(13) software and are presented as mean± standard deviation.