The Effect Of Patellar Realignment By Patellar Taping On Vmo/Vl Myoelectric Activity Ratio During Isometric Contraction In Open And Closed Kinetic Chain

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Introduction: Pattellofemoral pain syndrome (P.F.P.S) is the most common problem in knee joint. Various authors have indicated that imbalance of muscle activity between vastus medialis oblique (VMO) and vastus lateralis (VL) might lead to P.F.P.S. The objective is to determine the effect of patellar taping on VMO/VL myoelectric activity ratio during maximal isometric contraction in open and closed kinetic chain (OKC and CKC).
Materials and Methods: Thirty subjects aged 20-30 years without P.F.P.S were examined. Integrated biofeedback was detemined for VMO/VL muscles activity ratio of a prefered leg.
Results: The result indicated a significant increase in VMO/VL muscle activity ratio with patellar taping in OKC (P=0.03) and CKC (P=0.002).
Conclusion: The patellar taping facilitates VMO activity. However, it enhances VMO/VL muscle activity ratio.