A Computrized Three-Dimensional Reconstruction Of The Early Development Of The Lense In Chick Embryo



Introduction: Tomographical maps from the serial sections for light microscopy were prepared and reconstructed by autocad software.
Materials and Methods: In this study, the three-dimensional reconstruction method was used and the following results were obtained (see below).
Results: 1) The surface ectodermal epithelium was thick and invaginated. 2) The invagination of surface ectodemal epithelium was enveloped especially in ventral ridge. 3) The lens vesicle was formed by asymmetrical invagination of the surface ectodermal epithelium and the lens pit was closed. The superior region of the primary lens was formed first which then followed by the formation of the inferior region.
Conclusion: It seems that the invagination of the central lens placode was formed together with evagination of the lateral regions of the lens placode.