Effect Of Low-Power Laser Radiation On Open Skin Wound Healing Of Rats From Histological And Biomechanical Point Of Views



Introduction: With regarding the positive effects of low power Gallium Aluminium Arsenid laser (Laser) on some muscloskeletal disorders in this investigation effects of laser on open skin full thickness wound in rat by histological and biomechanical methods were evaluated.
Materials & Methods: 46 male Sprague dawley rats randomly divided into control and experimental groups. Under general anaesthesia and sterile conditions on the skin of dorsal region of each rat one full thichness round wound were made. The day of wounding was considered day zero. From day 1 until day 4, day 7 and day 15 rats of experimental groupe received everyday laser radiation with a density of 1.2 J/cm2 . At above mentioned day rats were killed by ether and 2 samples were fixed and prepared for routine histological study and stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin. The number of fibroblasts, macroghages, neutrophil, endothelial cells and blood vessels were counted. Biomechanical study was done and tensile strength of samples were calculated. Data were analysed by Mann Whitney U test method and p<0.05 were significant.
Results: At experimental group the mean of fibroblast at day 7 and 15,the means of tensile strength at day4 and day 15 and the means of blood vessels at day 7 and of endothelium at day 15 were significantly higher. The mean of macrophages was significantly lower.
Conclusion: Low power Gallium Aluminium Arsenide laser radiation on open full thickness skin wound of rats were significantly accelerated wound healing process.