A Study On The Effect Of Helium-Neon Laser Irradiation Over Colagen Synthesis In Fibroblast Cells

Document Type : Original Article


Jehad Daneshgahi of Iran Medical Science University, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: This study was conducted to evaluate the fibroblast healing of tenotomized Dutch rabbits treated with a low power laser radiation.
Materials and Methods: Male rabbits were divided in a control and exprerimental groups randomly. Achills tendon of animals was cut about 1.5cm above its calcaneal insertion and sutured according to the modified kessler procedure. In the control groups, the tenotomy sites were conventionally treated, while the exprimental groups were treated by low power laser radiation (wave lenghtes 632.8 nm, energy density=10.mj/cm2). Samples were taken in the 14, and 21 days after the operation and processed for EM.
Results: The electron microscopic finding demonstrate that the low power laser is capable to enhance the metabolic processe. The fibroblasts had a very well developed rough endeplasmic reticulum in the fibroblast which is also show an increase in collagen deposition.