Teratogenic Effects Of Diazepam Intake During Pregnancy Leading To Visual System Anomalies

Document Type : Original Article


Emberyology Department ,Tehran Medical Scinces University Tehran ,Iran


Introduction: To study the teratogenicity of Diazepam intake during pregnancy andits effects on visual system development.
Materials and Methods: About 30 virgin rats of known age and weight were used. After pregnancy, they were divided in three groups: 1) control group: 10 rats (injection daily with destiled water). 2) First experimental group: 10 rats (injection daily with destiled water and Diazepam 3 mg\kg\day). 3) second experimental group: 10 rats(injected daily with destiled water and Diazepam 8 mg\kg\day). After embryonic period, the pregnant rats were sacrified and the embryos were divided in to three groups. The embryos were studied macroscopically for anomalies, then the tissue were fixed and processed, stained and examined microscopically.
Results: The following factors were evaluated the anomalies of the eyelids, occularcellular layers and cornea cells. The findings confirmed the ratio of normal eye in the control group is 100% and in the experimental groups 1 and 2 were 98.8% and 85% respectively. (Fisher exact test, P<0.001).
Conclusions: The statistical results indicate that diazepam intake during pregnancycan lead to some visual system anomalies.