Effect Of Cyclosporine A On The Ovarian Tissue In The Rat

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Anatomy Department , Iran Medical Scinces University Tehran, Iran


Introduction: Cyclosporine A (Neoral) is one of the immunosuppresive drugs that because of wide distribution in whole body can cause many side effects in different organs this study was done because of this drug effect on rat,s ovary tissue.
Marerials and Methods: In this study 45 rats divided in three equall groups. Two groups named tested group and one group as witness group. Test groups were received 20 mg/kg and 50 mg/kg drug subcutaneously and witness group received distilled water. The 5 micron sections taken from the rat,s ovary were stained by H&E and Trichrom Mason after performing necessary reactions.
Results: microscopic study of examples after 14 days injections and a week afterending of injections shows changes includes increase of tunica albuginea, follicularaterasia, destruction of granulosa cells and droping of them into the follicular hole, oocytes destruction, being of macrofages between granulosa and inside of follicular hole, fibrosis of ovary, techa interna and increase in diameter vessels.
Concolusion: incoming result with attention to drug function (change inhypothalamus-hypophysis-gonadal axis, cytokines inhibitions and direct effect onfibroblasts)can come from induction or aggravation of apopptosis,fibrosis and increase of ovary vessels resistance.Therfore attention in use of cyclosporine A are proposed inyoung female.