Histochemical Study Of Mucous Substance Of Gastric Epithelial Lesions


Anatomy Department, Medical Faculty, Zahedan, Iran


Introduction: Mucinous compounds are a group of neutral glycoprotein which have a prime effect for protection of surface epithelium against digestion. Studies showed the changes of these compounds in neoplasia and Intestinal metaplasia of the stomach.
Materials and Methods: Specimens were taken from 25 surgically resected stomach from gastric lesion and it's periphery and processed as routine in pahology. Praffin blockes were cutted 3-5m thickness and sections were studied histochemically using Alcian blue pH=1 and pH=2.5, Toluidine blue pH=4.5 in Vernol's buffer,H&E and diffrent blocking techniques such as active metylation, mild metylation and active metylation with Saponification.
Results: Results of this study showed the acidic nature of glycoprotein in intestinal metaplasia and signet ring cell carcinoma. More ever, sialomucins and sulphomucins were detected in type I and type IIb Intestinal metaplasia. Morever combination of tubidne blue and blocking technique showed that sulphate groups are responsible for metachromasia of mucinous compounds.
Conclusion: The presence of sulphomucins in intestinl metaplasia recognized as arisk factor for progression of neoplasia , therfore recognition of these compounds inbiopsy specimen is a important warning and needs a serious follow up of the patient.