Histological Changes Of Rat Testis During Acute Phase Of Spinal Cord Injury

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Introduction: Male infertility frequently occures after spinal cord injury (SCI). However little in known about the acute effect of SCI on male reproductive function. This study examined the spermatogenic changes during acute phase of SCI.
Material and Metods: In experimental groups SCI was produced in male rats by T9 laminectomy and spinal cord transsection (N=23, Age=70 days). Control groups received simlar surgery, though, without laminectomy. The middle one-third of each testis with 3-5 cut on capsule was fixed in Boins and processed for histology. Five microns thick section was stained with H&E and PAS reagent.
Results: This study revealed sever abnormalities of spermatogenesis in SCI rats especially during 4 weeks after surgery, SCI, characterized by delay in spermiation, Phagocytosis of elongated spermatid (presence of polynucleated cell mass with pyknotic nuclei), incomplete spermatogenesis, disorganized and incomplete cellular association of seminiferous epithelium, vacolization of epithelium and presence of polynucleated cell mass with pyknotic nuclei and signification decrease in the volume percent of seminiferous epithelium.
Conclusion: This study demonstrates spermatogenic abnormality induced by SCI, that this may be indicated by neural cell death after SCI or hypothamo-hypophys-testis axis dysfunction.