A Comparison Between PCR And Bacteriology Method In Diagnosis Bacterial Meningitis

Document Type : Original Article


Shaheed Beheshti Medical Sciences, Microbiologycal Medical Faculty, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: Meningitis is one of the lethal diseases and its prompt diagnosis is of utmost importance. Current diagnostic methods (eg. bacterial cultures, cellular cultures, biochemical methods and cell count in CSF) are not sensitive enough. Therefore dorelopnga new method for quick diagnosis is essential.
Material and Methods: We extracted DNA from cerebrospinal fluid and PCR was performed by primers which amplified the 16s rRNA sequence. Microbial culture was also performed for comparison.
Results: We examined 51 specimens, among which 23.5% were culture positive. By PCR method, we reported 41.1 positive cases. Therefore if PCR is not used, almost half of the positive cases will be missed.
Conclusion: We concluded that PCR is the best method of diagnosis, with high accuracy and precision for detecting microorganisms in sterile specimens in 3-4 hours. Since the 16s rRNA sequence has been similar in all prokaryotes, this sequence is considered appropriate for target for PCR.