Application Of PCR-RFLP For Identification Of Giardia Isolates Of Human In Iran

Document Type : Original Article


Parasitology and Mycology Department, Tehran University, Tehran, Iran


Objective: Different isolates of human specifies, Giardia intestinalis, also known as Giardia lambia, have been shown to vary in sensitivity to drug, isoenzyme pattern, virulence and infectivity, antigens and restriction enzyme pattern.
Material and Methods: Using system that distinguishes sequence differences in the metabolic enzyme tpi, DNA extracted from trophozoite that culture in modified TYI-S-33 was ampilified by using two sets of primers, and ampilification products restricited with NcoI.
Results: 683 bp amplification products of (PI) restricted with NcoI yield 2 bands (264+419bp) and 812 bp amplification products of (PII) resreicted with NcoI yield 2 bands (228+583bp).
Conclusion: The present study showed that molecular methods such as PCR-RFLP are able to identify different Giardia isolates.