Effects Of 1MHz Frequency Ultrasound On Bone Tissue After PartialOsteotomy In Rabbits: A Histologic Study

Document Type : Original Article


Deoartment of Physical Therapy, Jehad Daneshgahi of Iran Medical Sciences University, ACECR, Tehran Iran


Introduction: In this research the effects of ultrasound therapy with 1MHz frequency were studied on bone regeneration by descriptive histologic and mean descriptive rank method.
Material and Methods: A total of 40 white male Dutch-Poland rabbits underwent dental hole partial osteotomy (DHPO) of the tibia bone in both Lower extremities under general anesthesia and sterile conditions. The right lower extremity of each rabbit was considered as experimental limb and at the same time the left lower extremity was considered as control. Rabbits were randomly divided into four weeks for assessment (10 rabbits for each week). All rabbits were treated by 1MHz frequency ultrasound, pulse rate 1:3, 0.1 W/Cm2 and 5 minutes per day, from first day after surgery. After a predetermined period (7th., 14th., 21st. and 28th days after surgery), rabbits were killed by ether and histological specimens were obtained and placed in formal-saline. The specimens were embedded by parafin subsequently. In the later stage, they were sectioned with a 7َµm thickness and were stained by Heamatoxyline & Eosine and Massons Trichrome methods. Descriptive rank (grades) and qualitative methods were used for histological study.
Results: Findings of this research revealed that Ultrasound therapy with 1MHz frequency caused a significant increase in mean descriptive rank of the experimental extremity, 28 days after surgery.
Conclusion: Ultrasound therapy with 1MHz frequency can accelerate bone regeneration in rabbits after partial osteotomy.