Antimicrobial Property Of Choloroformic Extract Of Garlic (Allicin) On Intramacrophages Brucella Melitensis (Rev 1) & Brucella Abortus (S19)

Document Type : Original Article


Bacteriology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Tarbiat Modarres University, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: The most important virulence factor of Brucella is related to its capability of intraphagocytic survival. Brucella with this ability,causes persistant infection in host. Garlic extract, because of has organosulfur compounds such as allicin, has antimicrobial activity. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of garlic choloroformic extract on intramacrophage Brucella spp.
Material and Methods: In this study, garlic choloroform was extracted and the quantity of allicin calculated with HPLC; then effect of the extract on intramacrophage survival of B.melitensis Rev1 and B.abortus S19 was studied on cell culture of mouse peritoneal macrophages.
Results: Results indicated that the extract was effective and eradicated intramacrophage Brucella in 1:40 (equal to 439 microgram per ml allicin), 1:80 (equal to 218 microgram per ml allicin) and 1:160 (equal to 128 microgram per ml allicin) extract dilutions after 24 hours.
Conclusion: Attention must be paid to antimicrobial effect of garlic on intramacrophage Brucella which, seems to be useful in treatment of brucellosis.