Ultrastructural Study Of Interstitial Cells Of Cajal In Hirschsprung's Disease

Document Type : Original Article


Anatomy Dapartment, Medical Faculity and Cell and Molecular Research Center, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Introduction: This investigation was performed to study the anatomy and ultrastructure that is interstitial cells of cajal (ICC), of colon in Iranian patients with Hischsprung's disease (HD).  
Material and Methods: Samples were obtained from healthy and pathologic segments of colon in 10 childern under 10 years of age in which the distal part of colon was resected for surgical treatment of H.D. The specimens were prepared for electron microscopic studies and the ultrathin sections were obtained. Then the location & morphology of ICC in pathologic segments were compared with healthy ones.  
Results: In the affected segment, on ICC was detected among the smooth muscle cells and nerve endings, but the ultrastructural study showed mild differences with healthy parts.  
Conclusion: Lack of intermediate position of ICC in pathologic segments, considering it's inhibitory role on smooth muscle cell function, could be the reason for spasm in involved areas.