Effect Of Aspirin On Morphology Of CA1 Hippocampal Neurons Following Ischemia Induction In Male Rat

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Kerman, Iran


Introduction: The present study evaluated morphological changes of CA1 hippocampal neurons following transient bilateral common carotid and permanent left middle cerebral arteries occlusion, also the neuroprotective effects of aspirin i.p injection was inducing assessed after ischemia in male rat.
Material and Methods: In this experiment, 4 groups of animals were used including; control, sham, ischemia and aspirin. In ischemia group, the skull was drilled and left middle cerebral artery was cauterized. Then, common carotid arteries were isolated from vagus nerve and jugular vein, and were clogged for 90 min. In aspirin group, rats received 30mg/kg aspirin (i.p) 30min after ischemia induction. 48 hr after surgery, the brain was removed, and hippocampus was separated and fixed. All samples were stained with hematoxylin and eosin, and morphology of CA1 was assessed in all groups.
Results: Following ischemia, pyramidal neurons of CA1 hippocampus developed necrosis and became degenerated. These neurons had dense cytoplasm and pyknotic nuclei, and cytoplasmic eosinophilia had increased. Aspirin injection, 30 min after ischemia induction, improved the state of neurons, which means decreased the pyknotic nuclei.
Conclusion: These result suggested that, this model of ischemia has a severe effect on pyramidal neurons of CA1, and single dose of Aspirin injection decreases the effect of ischemia and neuronal injuries.