Access To Chondrocyte Culture, With Alginate, In Iran


1 Anatomy Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

2 Physiology Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

3 Embryology Department, Cell Sciences Research Center, Royan Institute (Isfahan Campus), ACECR

4 Isfahan Fertility and Infertility Center

5 Orthopedics Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences

6 Musculoskeletal Research Group, Institute of Anatomy, Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich


In this study, chondrocyte culture was established for the first time in Iran, and calcium alginate was used for longer culture of chondrocyte in vitro. The study was programmed in order to be used for future human chondrocyte transplantation. The cartilage specimen obtained from 50 patients who underwent total knee and hip operations in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences. Cartilage specimens were used for monolayer as well as suspension culture in alginate beads. Approximately 12±1 millions cells were harvested from the 3rd passage. The cells were round with large euchromatic nucleus and several nucleoli and small vacuoles. The cells derived from passages 1 to 4, which were grown up then, in alginate beads, showed higher staining with alcian blue. The harvested cells in some patients were immediately and successfully used for autologus transplantation. This later work will be reported separately.