Keywords = Immunotherapy
Hsp70, in Combination with IL-15 and PD-1 Blocker, Interferes with The Induction of Cytotoxic NK Cells in Relapsed Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients

Volume 25, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 92-101


Javad Firouzi; Abbas Hajifathali; Masoumeh Azimi; Neda Parvini; Fatemeh Ghaemi; Niloufar Shayan Asl; Amir Abbas Hedayati Asl; Majid Safa; Marzieh Ebrahimi

A VHH-Based Anti-MUC1 Chimeric Antigen Receptor for Specific Retargeting of Human Primary T Cells to MUC1-Positive Cancer Cells

Volume 22, Issue 4, April 2020, Pages 502-513


Alireza Rajabzadeh; Fatemeh Rahbarizadeh; Davoud Ahmadvand; Maryam Kabir Salmani

Evaluation of The Number of CD4+ CD25+ FoxP3+ Treg Cells in Normal Mice Exposed to AFB1 and Treated with Aged Garlic Extract

Volume 15, Issue 1, May 2013, Pages 37-44

Mohaddeseh Larypoor; Mansour Bayat; Mohammad Hassan Zuhair; Abbas Akhavan Sepahy; Masoud Amanlou