Keywords = Gastric Cancer
Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields Induce mTOR and Hsa_Circ_100338 Expression Changes in Gastric Cancer and Normal Fibroblast Cell Lines

Volume 24, Issue 7, July 2022, Pages 364-369


Fereshteh Mansoury; Nahid Babaei; Soheila Abdi; Maliheh Entezari; Abbas Doosti

CD44 Gene rs8193 C Allele Is Significantly Enriched in Gastric Cancer Patients

Volume 21, Issue 4, July 2019, Pages 451-458


Roya Mokhtarian; Hossein Tabatabaeian; Pardis Saadatmand; Mansoureh Azadeh; Negar Balmeh; Bagher Yakhchali; Kamran Ghaedi

Up-Regulation Of FOXC2 And FOXQ1 Is Associated With The Progression Of Gastric-Type Adenocarcinoma

Volume 19, supplement 1, March 2017, Pages 66-71


Farzad Soleimani; Mohammadreza Hajjari; Bahram Mohammad Soltani; Mehrdad Behmanesh

STAT3 is Overactivated in Gastric Cancer Stem-Like Cells

Volume 17, Issue 4, January 2016, Pages 617-628


Monireh Hajimoradi; Zuhair Mohammad Hassan; Masoud Soleimani; Mahdieh Bakhshi; Javad Firouzi; Fazel Sahraneshin Samani

Down-regulation of miR-302b, an ESC-specific microRNA, in Gastric Adenocarcinoma

Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2011, Pages 251-258

Mitra Khalili; Majid Sadeghizadeh; Kamran Ghorbanian; Reza Malekzadeh; Mohammad Vasei; Seyed Javad Mowla

Global Genome Methylation Status In Gastritis Lesion In Comparison With Normal Adjacent Tissue And Its Relationship With Clinicopathologic Findings

Volume 10, Issue 4, January 2009, Pages 272-279

R. Najjar Sadeghi; H. Zojaji; SR. Mohebbi; M. Chiani; D. Mirsattari; MA. Pourhoseingholi; M. Molaei; R. Mashayekhi; F. Derakhshan; MR. Zali