Author = Ashraf Moini
Optimizing The Cell Seeding Protocol to Human Decellularized Ovarian Scaffold: Application of Dynamic System for Bio-Engineering

Volume 22, Issue 2, October 2019, Pages 227-235


Leila Mirzaeian; Farideh Eivazkhani; Maryam Hezavehei; Ashraf Moini; Fereshteh Esfandiari; Mojtaba Rezazadeh Valojerdi; Rouhollah Fathi

Chitosan Hydrogel Supports Integrity of Ovarian Follicles during In Vitro Culture: A Preliminary of A Novel Biomaterial for Three Dimensional Culture of Ovarian Follicles

Volume 21, Issue 4, July 2019, Pages 479-493


Fatemeh Hassani; Bita Ebrahimi; Ashraf Moini; Ali Ghiaseddin; Mahshid Bazrafkan; Gholamreza Hassanzadeh

Downregulation of Extracellular Matrix and Cell Adhesion Molecules in Cumulus Cells of Infertile Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Women With and Without Insulin Resistance

Volume 21, Issue 1, November 2018, Pages 35-42


Fatemeh Hassani; Shahrbanoo Oryan; Masood Bazrgar; Ashraf Moini; Nahid Nasiri; Ali Sharifi-Zarchi

The rs1127354 Polymorphism in ITPA Is Associated with Susceptibility to Infertility

Volume 20, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 73-77


Fahimeh Mollaahmadi; Ashraf Moini; Reza Salman Yazdi; Mehrdad Behmanesh

Gene Expression Analysis of VEGF and Its Receptors and Assessment of Its Serum Level in Unexplained Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion

Volume 16, Issue 4, January 2015, Pages 538-545


Elham Amirchaghmaghi; Abbas Rezaei; Ashraf Moini; Mohammad Ali Roghaei; Maryam Hafezi