Author = Mohammad Nabiuni
In Utero Exposure to Gestational Diabetes Alters DNA Methylation and Gene Expression of CDKN2A/B in Langerhans Islets of Rat Offspring

Volume 22, Issue 2, October 2019, Pages 203-211


Zahra Nazari; Alireza Shahryari; Soraya Ghafari; Mohammad Nabiuni; Mohammad Jafar Golalipour

Effect of Embryonic Cerebrospinal Fluid on Proliferation and Differentiation of Neuroprogenitor Cells

Volume 15, Issue 1, May 2013, Pages 29-36

Siamak Yari; Kazem Parivar; Mohammad Nabiuni; Mohammad Keramatipour

Effect of the Hydroalcoholic Extract of Heracleum persicum (Golpar) on Folliculogenesis in Female Wistar Rats

Volume 14, Issue 1, June 2012, Pages 47-52

Atefeh Hemati; Mahnaz Azarnia; Mohammad Nabiuni; Ghadireh Mirabolghasemi; Saeed Irian