Author = Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani
Epigenetic Dysregulation Of BRDT Gene In Testis Tissues Of Infertile Men: Case-Control Study

Volume 24, Issue 2, February 2022, Pages 99-102


Fereshteh Kohandani; Parham Jazireian; Raha Favaedi; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Seyed Mohammad Moshtaghioun; Maryam Shahhosein

Dynamic Expression and Chromatin Incorporation of ACT and CREM Transcription Factors in Testis Tissues of Infertile Men

Volume 23, Issue 7, December 2021, Pages 736-741


Parham Jazireian; Raha Favaedi; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Maryam Shahhoseini

Association between JMJD1A Expression and Sperm Retrieval in Non-Obstructive Azoospermic Patients

Volume 19, Issue 4, November 2018, Pages 660-665


Zahra Eelaminejad; Raha Favaedi; Tahereh Modarresi; Marjan Sabbaghian; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Maryam Shahhoseini

Testosterone Reduces Spinal Cord Injury-Induced Effects on Male Reproduction by Preventing CADM1 Defect

Volume 20, Issue 2, January 2018, Pages 138-149


Hamid Choobineh; Mahsa Kazemi; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Tahereh Heydari; Saeed Shokri; Mahshid Bazrafkan; Gholamreza Hassanzadeh

The Expression of TLR2 and TLR3 in Sertoli Cells of Azoospermic Patients

Volume 19, Issue 3, August 2017, Pages 375-385


Mohammad Reza Lakpour; Morteza Koruji; Abdolhossein Shahverdi; Samaneh Aghajanpour; Majid Rajabian Naghandar; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Marjan Sabbaghian

The Prevalence of Y Chromosome Microdeletions in Iranian Infertile Men with Azoospermia and Severe Oligospermia

Volume 19, Issue 1, July 2017, Pages 27-33

Fahimeh Asadi; Mohammad Ali Sadighi Gilani; Azadeh Ghaheri; Javad Roodgar Saffari; Mohammadreza Zamanian